Prepare a better Australian
visa with Veazy
It’s Easy

An online platform designed to help everyone* prepare a better Australian visa application.

* We mean everyone! Veazy is suitable for migrants, families and immigration professionals.

WHO should use Veazy

Suitable for the preparation of one, or multiple visa applications, Veazy is powerful in the tools and features it delivers.

Individual Users

Prepare your own, or a loved ones, Australian visa

Professional Users

Prepare and manage your client's Australian visas

HOW does it work

It's easy. Use the built in 4 step profess shown below to LEARN , PREPARE , SUBMIT and MANAGE one, or multiple, Australian visa applications.

WHAT else does it do?

For those that need a little more ooomph! Veazy provides Professional Users with all of the necessary tools to manage their daily tasks and keep track of what else has happened for each application.

Link Applications

Link applications together for quick access and reference.

Manage Tasks & Deadlines

Set and manage tasks associated with any application. Always stay on top of what you need to do next and avoid missing a deadline.

Leave Comments

Create date and time stamped file notes. Never lose track of whats happened.

WHICH visa types are supported

With time, the features in Veazy will be expanded to support all main Australian visa application types. However, you can see below the visas you can currently use Veazy to prepare as well as our timeline for adding additional applications in future:

Subclass 820 On-shore Partner Visa

Subclass 309 Offshore Partner Visa

Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa

Subclass 461 NZ Family Relationship Visa (Partner)

Remaining Visa Types


WHY use Veazy?


Developed by a team of immigration lawyers and registered migration agents with over 15+ years’ experience.


Keep your data safe with a SSL 256 Bit encrypted secure server.


Access Veazy from any device and from anywhere in the world.


Start preparing a visa in less than 10 minutes with Australia’s easiest to use visa preparation platform.


Veazy educates you through the process of preparing an Australian visa. Learn as you go.


Prepare a better Australian visa.

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